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Welcome to WiPC:E 2014

Aloha, Greetings online trading malaysia to the Indigenous Peoples of the World. Hawaiʻi will be hosting WiPC:E 2014 on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi from May 19 to 24. As we draw closer to our gathering, we invite all to how to invest in mcdonalds reflect upon the traditions of our ancestors, ensuring that our narratives endure: E mau ana ka moʻolelo. Come and share the stories of your people at WiPC:E 2014.


WiPC:E Apparel

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WiPC:E 2014 Program

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WiPCE:2014 Keynote Address

Just thought I share…just watched it and enjoyed listening to all of you again. Holt ʻOhana – Tuesday, May…